When the topic wasn’t from my own idea

Today, I got the English exam in my campus (more appropriate to be called school I think, because we wear white and blue school uniform, not fashionable). Actually,  I only took English lesson twice during my study, in my first semester and … semester, I wouldn’t tell you about the number of semester I have now because it’s too sensitive for me I think. Accidentally I remember about my LaDut (Last Duty) T.T

 Actually, the Exam was so simple, there were many kinds of paragraphs, and in the each paragraph, we just filled in the blank with own sentences. First, I think it’s easy just fill in the blank because it’s looked like with writing on my blog as usually. And after 15 minutes, I got stuck. Oh my God, I had been realized that the idea of all paragraphs was not coming from my own idea. So, It looked like that you have to do something without your passion. And I think I have to learn more and more, that’s the point!

ImageTaraaa.. these are my classmates in my college, looks like high school students, isn’t it? -.-


4 thoughts on “When the topic wasn’t from my own idea

  1. Kebomandi udah keliatan yang mana di foto itu. yang pake kacamata dan pake jilbab hanya kebomandi. saya juga gitu, dulu waktu dapat tugas mengarang,saya pikir tugas itu gampang,eh taunya ga dapat ide juga untuk menulis apa.hehehehe. keep writing ya…,^_^

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